Try to imagine an immersive business environment that runs virtually everything in a single platform that works in both standard computer and mobile device environments, and you get a sense of insight. We started this project in 1997 as a simple Filemaker Pro inventory tracker, and over the next two decades, it's become the core application for clients such as The JDIS Group where it runs a $12M/year company with no additional software except email clients.

A partial feature list would include:

The software is entirely web-based and requires no hardware purchases on your part. We handle all system maintenance, backups, and security patches.1

For further information and demonstrations of the insight platform, contact us via We offer free installation and training2 and a one-year full refund3 if it fails to meet your needs.

  1. insight is hosted on a private cloud-based server dedicated to your company. The data is backed up every 24 hours automatically. The operating code is maintained and upgraded constantly.
  2. Typical setup and initial training is 3-4 business days.
  3. Full refund of all access fees for the first year, travel costs excluded, if we fail to satisfy your needs. Access is billed monthly, quarterly, or annually depending on client needs.