insight updates
posted 2018.07.04 by Clark Wilkins, Simplexable

Here are some highlights on some of the more recent changes to the insight platform.

v16.189: credit card auditing
Introduces the concept of credit card groups (aggregating N > 1 credit cards together in a group) and reporting on various compliance and details about company credit card expenses.
v16.188: clearing account analysis
The use of clearing accounts is expanded to encompass special purpose credit lines such as vendors where balances are paid down in arbitrary amounts. Reporting shows inflow and outflow to help manage these accounts and understand the balances.
v16.187: service portal
An easily accessible customer-facing portal was released. The user's login is their qualified email. They can see basic service ticket info and make service requests online.
v16.186: financial issues manager
Financial managers can add issues to the board to track encountered problems and manage the situations.
v16.185: income statement analysis
Given a specific date, the tool shows the income statement for each day of the year up to the target so you can bracket possible invalid shifts in the final income statement.
v16.179: sku history report
SKU history was added to show all activity for a selected part number. The report was later signficantly expanded (v16.183) to help the analyst understand the disposition of inventory, exchange status and more.

Other recent and important fixes included:

  • Automatic removal of inactive users from situation board tasks (16.187.1)
  • Major speedup on batch verification of inventory items. (16.186.2)
  • Major speedup of inventory lookups system-wide. (16.185.5, 16.185.6)
  • Major speedup of +trends tool in inventory. (16.185.2)
  • Inventory and credit memo search by amount. (16.181.1)
  • Part number search now ignores special characters such as spaces and dashes. (16.180.3)
  • Notifications on job tickets now link to the specific ticket. Before they always linked to ticket 1 (master). (16.178.2)

Altogether there have been 31 patches released since the last blog article. This is just a highlight list.