Inventory movements and jobs
posted 2018.03.27 by Clark Wilkins, Simplexable

At times, coordination between the inventory team and the front office can become difficult. In a recent “real-world” example, a client had a job where a single SKU was shipped three times (different items) to deal with customer claims of DOAs or warranty failures. The problems arise when the front-office billing staff are trying to figure out what was sent, what was returned, and what (if any) items are outstanding or require rebilling.

To deal with this, we released a new job view today, inventory movement, that shows:

  • What was attached to the job?1
  • What is the current status of each attached item?
  • Was an exchange item received?2 If so, what's the status of it?

The desktop and mobile versions are shown below for the job with three connected items, one of which has an exchange item.

desktop view
mobile view

These lists are immediately available in the inventory movements view.3

  1. As of v16.158 (2017.12.16), we switched over to a permanent relationship connection — even if the item gets detached.
  2. As of v16.114 (2017.06.10), we instituted a new system to record these relationships, but, for practical reasons, it was not implemented retroactively.
  3. This only shows up in the views list if there's something relevant to display.