posted 2017.11.03 by Clark Wilkins, Simplexable

Version 16.155 introduces a modification to the notes subsystem we are calling “signals”. The idea is that some things need to be brought to the user's attention when the item on the screen is loaded. The example we're going to show here is a sales quote with a special discount. It is imperative to have every user of this system involved in alerting everyone else and the system that the particular item you are quoting is not the usual price - in order to establish this particular situation does not define the normal pricing. So we create a signal.

STEP 1: Create a standard note

setting up the note
editing the note

STEP 2: Create the signal

To make a signal, click on +signal on the note as shown here. That's it.

Signaling in action

When any user opens an item where signals are present, an overlay appears like this.

If you click on a signal in the overlay, it's snoozed for an hour. This deals with the peskiness of having the overlay keep appearing after you've already gotten the message that this quote is not normal.

To remove a signal altogether, click on -signal next to the desired note. This is allowed for (a) the author of the note and (b) any user with the same or higher INSIGHT access level.