insight updates
posted 2018.08.12 by Clark Wilkins, Simplexable

Here are some highlights on some of the more recent changes to the insight platform.

v16.195.1: quote support for equipment tracking
The quote tool now supports equipment profiles in two ways. First, when adjusting the metadata to link an account, you are asked to set the profile as well if the account has tracking enabled. Second, when the quote is creating a new job, the profile (where relevant) is set as well. These values are defaulted to the metadata settings for convenience but can be changed.
v16.195: expanded cost planner capabilities
The cost planner was revised to improve the interface and response. Additionally, we now support factoring in the internal labor costs (as best you can estimate them). This leads to even better cost forecasting and sustainable quotes and sales.
v16.194: budget planner
An all-new service was introduced in financial tools for setting up spending budgets. The tool accounts for cash and other inputs, expense payments, liability payments, and other requested payments.
v16.193: recent payments report
This new report supports Accounts Receivable personnel with a quick view of recent inbound cash flow.
v16.191: new task manager
The task manager (quick menu) was replaced with an improved design.
v16.190: uncollectable invoices report
"Uncollectable" invoices have been a feature of insight for many years. This new report helps Accounts Receivable personnel track this most important feature set.

Other recent and important fixes included:

  • When changing the check type (standard vs. liability), only the check lines section is reloaded now. (16.194.3)
  • The posted transactions tool now includes a complete reset option. (16.192.3)
  • Closed a hole exposing payroll data to users who should not be able to access it. (16.192.1)
  • Added ability to lock all reconciled items from the reconciled dates and reconciler tools. (16.190.2)
  • Inventory and credit memo search by amount. (16.181.1)
  • For speed reasons, source groups no longer do automatic recalculation. (16.189.8)
  • Flexbox layout and better mobile-device support in several key financial analsys tools. (16.189.1-16.189.7)

Altogether there have been 30 patches released since the last blog article. This is just a highlight list.