Simplexable is a software firm which specializes in Internet-based applications. Our focus is on clean and tight designs that convey the information you need — along with quick and easy access to all plausible connections — as simply, and as fast, as possible.

We're believers in the power of networked information. We've seen the transformation first-hand when a company runs our INSIGHT platform and starts to realize what they did not know before. We've experienced the relief and peace of mind our clients have when TRIPWIRE notifies them of issues before they become problems.

We're also believers in building beautiful software, so our team puts the client experience foremost in our criteria. The environments we construct put the user at the forefront with logical inputs, clear path to execution, good feedback, effective display on both desktop and mobile devices, and a sense of connectedness where the user can “feel” the way the tools work with each other. We use our own products, and we constantly expand, tweak, and upgrade them.

You can contact us at or +1.828.553.9391

clark wilkins, principal