Simplexable is a software firm which specializes in Internet-based applications. Our focus is on clean and tight designs that convey the information you need — along with quick and easy access to all plausible connections — as simply, and as fast, as possible.

We are working on a number of new projects — one of which is about to be released pending some external issues that need to be settled.

For information on DaVinci2 (formerly known as “tripwire”), please visit We are still active in maintaining and developing this project for the new owners at Cool Pair Plus and have made dozens of feature improvements for them since handover in late 2018.

The insight project was formally retired in March 2019. The core functionality has been replaced by stockd (inventory/warehouse/parts) and servicd (job and project management).

We have new projects coming online in late 2019/early 2020 including accountd (modern and powerful accounting/financial analysis) and (more on this later).

You can contact us at or +1.949.870.9121

clark wilkins, principal